Buying A home in Austin Texas

Tuesday , 25, March 2014 Leave a comment

At the movement Austin Texas has one of the largest growing real estate markets. In the US, Austin is the third fastest growing city.

Austin’s population and employment growth will keep improving with no sign of decline. The Bureau of Labor statics released its list of top cites of having lower unemployment rates in OCT 2013.  As per the report – Austin has the second lowest unemployment rate compared to other cities in US. and displays no sign of slowing. It will attract well known international companies like Apple and Google.


Factors Contributing to Austin’s Real estate growth

Solid employment growth – Due to the increase in numbers of private sector jobs the great city of Austin (Texas) has continued to be on top in the economic health index analysis performed by Business Journal


Low unemployment – Compared to other cities in US – Austin has the second lowest unemployment rate.realestejob

Strong Housing MarketAs per the analysis – Around 130 people are moving to Austin daily.



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